New Emplexador Junior Club Series combos

New Emplexador Junior Club Series combos

We're very proud to announce the addition of two new Emplexador Junior models to our best selling Club Series combos.

These are physically downsized chassis, made to fit in our Club combo cabs, available in 1x12, 2x12, 2x10, 4x10 and special order 3x10" configurations. 

However, these utilize the same exact transformers and circuit as their larger brethren, with no short cuts on tone or performance.

The more compact chassis facilitates a quicker build and the one piece combo design both allow for a lower price point.

The Emplexador Jr. has a brand new feature never beefore available on a TopHat model...

A Built In Variac that is front panel switchable!! 

This is exactly the same as running the amp through a Variac, lowering the supply voltage to 90 Volts instead of the normal 120V. This lowers all the voltages inside the amp, reducing the output significantly and causes easier breakup and a softer, sweeter saturated distortion!! This is on both models, the Classic and HG (hi-gain).

The EJ Classic is the classic Plexi mode from the Emplexador with a bright switch and a Hi/Lo frequency boost switch.

The HG version has both the Classic and the Overdrive modes, with a bright switch and Hi/Lo gain switch to toggle between these two modes!!

These have 50 tube rectified watts of power in full mode, less in the Variac mode!!


2xEL34's in class AB

GZ34/5AR4 rectifier tube