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Club Series Models

  • Club Royale 20

    Club Royale 20

    20 Watt - Class A - Tube Amp Combo

    The Top Hat ClubRoyale TC-CR1 is a favorite in the Club series. This amplifier has features and controls that allow you to create your own sound, without altering the natural organ… $2,099.00 Select Options
  • Super Deluxe

    Super Deluxe

    33 Watt - Class A - Tube Amp Combo

    The New Super Deluxe features a slightly refined EQ and a larger output transformer to process the larger EL34 Power Tubes. The Super Deluxe puts out 33 watts of cathode biased Cla… $2,199.00 Select Options
  • Super 33

    Super 33

    33 Watt - Class A - Tube Amp Combo

    The Super 33 is a variation on the Super Deluxe and roughly trying to give both channels of the Vanderbilt 33 with some exceptions. We replace the first tube with the EF86/806 -- t… $2,249.00 Select Options
  • Emplexador Junior Combo

    Emplexador Junior Combo

    The Emplexador Junior is the Newest addition to our Club Series.They provide the same Circuit and transformers (both power and output) as our regular Flagship Series Emplexador mod… $2,449.00 Select Options